How Are You Getting People To See What You Post?

Traffic… it’s a vital piece of the online marketing triangle. Without it, no one will see, read, or watch what you’re producing. Here’s how we’re leveraging social media and email to make sure everyone knows when we’ve created new content.

The 101 Of New Era Marketing

There’s lots of whiz-bang surrounding online marketing and business automation, and for some people, it’s simply too much noise and abstract theory. So let’s demystify some of this stuff and get to the core of it. Let’s take a look at the fundamentals of how to truly turn your business into an Automated Revenue Machine.

The Only Thing You Need To Know About Online Marketing

It’s not black-hat SEO tactics that drive successful online marketing campaigns. It’s not social media popularity. It’s not spending a mountain of money on Google or Facebook ads. And it’s not celebrity endorsements.

Sure, those things can boost numbers and make it seem like your work is paying off. But they can’t stand on their own, at least for very long.

Online marketing, in its simplest form, comes down to three things; content, traffic, and conversion. That’s it.

Well, those three things and a lot of coffee…


Content lives at the top of the triangle for good reason – because it’s the most important. It’s also the most difficult. It takes time, energy, and discipline to create ongoing, engaging content. But you have to do it. You also have to create a content strategy that fits your audience, tells your story, educates, entertains, and is a priority for you.

Traffic is the adjective. It describes the content, and delivers eyeballs. Whether through social media, email, ad buys, etc., it’s how you’re getting people to see, read, or watch your content.

The final piece to the triangle is conversion. And it’s the one most people miss. Conversion is the verb. It’s the action you’re trying to get people to take, like registering, donating, opting-in, or buying.

A digital marketing strategy that doesn’t have conversion is simply online vanity. It’s spinning your wheels, making noise, and doing a lot of work without a focused goal.

So there you have it. Content. Traffic. Conversion. Think of what you do in those terms, and you’ll be miles ahead of the competition.

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