Getting Ninja With Your Email Segmentation

We all know we can be doing more to laser focus on our email lists. Getting the correct information in front of the correct people is what it’s all about. Here’s a new way we’re doing that with our leads.

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How Are You Getting People To See What You Post?

Traffic… it’s a vital piece of the online marketing triangle. Without it, no one will see, read, or watch what you’re producing. Here’s how we’re leveraging social media and email to make sure everyone knows when we’ve created new content.

Are You Up To This Challenge?

This is one of the first campaigns we coach people how to create when they’re turning their business into an Automated Revenue Machine. It’s a vital piece of growing and converting new leads. It’s also a terrific exercise to help you re-discover why you do what you do. Are you up to the challenge? Take a look!

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